In the internet and all so called alternative media exist the most dangerous and ridiculous conspiracy theories (TM) [editor’s note: “conspiracy theories” was used by the CIA after the murder of JFKennedy to disparage and weaken all critical questions], so here are the Top 5:

5th place: “Flat Corona Theory”
Everywhere the corona virus is represented as a sphere, but in reality it is flat – you can see this clearly from the electron microscope images, see article picture. That doesn’t do anything about the whole topic, but it shows how ridiculous stupid conspiracy theorists can be. There are now conspiracy-conspiracy theorists who claim that intelligence agencies invented the “Flat Corona Theory” in order to relate them to scientific theses and facts, which were denounced as conspiracy theory and thus to disparage their representatives and weaken their creditibility.

4th place: “We have no pandemic at all”
These conspiracy theorists claim that the new corona virus would not be a major disaster. They probably mean that the virus would not trigger a significantly higher mortality rate. But the term “pandemic” doesn’t mean that at all. A pandemic, freely translated “throughout the people”, that is, a virus spread, can also happen completely unnoticed, the idea of ​​hundreds of thousands of deaths are horror fantasies of bored people.

3rd place: “Only a COVID-19 dead is a good dead” theory
These lunatics claim that everyone who dies only have died of COVID-19. They claim, that allegedly only through high death tolls and the resulting panic current restrictions on freedom can be enforced in the population. In reality, only people who died “of” COVID-19 are counted if the SARS-CoV-2 test or the test presumption is positive, of course regardless of what they died of.

2nd place: “Only Mr. Drosten and Mr. Wieler are the only specialists on viruses and epidemics”
There are thousands of doctors in Germany working in the specialist areas of virology and epidemiology, and numerous have also come forward with different opinions, views and facts about the new coronavirus. But these narrow-minded conspiracy theorists only listen to the statements of Mr. Drosten from the Berlin Charité and Mr. Wieler from the Robert Koch Institute and interpret them in such a way that they fit into their worldview of a worldwide fatal pandemic with a panic-causing mortality. This shows how these fanatics circle in their small, narrow world.

1st place: “New World Order” (NWO) theory
These conspiracy theorists claim that the current #stayhome measures to promote new orders are being made in the new “internet” world. In other words, all ordering and buying goods, food and services should only take place via the Internet. Of course this is complete nonsense. The real “New World Order” representatives want to introduce mandatory vaccinations worldwide with Gavi (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, World Bank) and digitally record and monitor every Earth citizen with the ID2020 organization (Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation, Gavi) .

By Mad G